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One Source’s Keith Marchiano Is Honored as a Business Leader in Harford County, MD. Business Leader in Harford County MDOur very own Keith Marchiano was nominated as a Leader in the Business Community by the Harford County Chamber of Commerce. As the principal organization that recognizes opportunity, provides solutions and mobilizes resources to ensure a thriving, prosperous community, this is a true honor. What makes Keith a Business Leader? In his own words: “One Team, One Vision, One Goal.” This is how Keith approaches his work every day—And how the teams at One Source Imaging function – working together towards our company’s vision and goal. Keith goes on to explain: “We do a lot from a technology standpoint, but we always make sure that we function as a team – delivering exceptional client experiences built on integrity and trust, so we can be a Partner to our IT clients, and provide the solutions they need to grow their companies.” Read Keith’s entire article by clicking here. How Do Keith and Our Team Achieve This? By Promoting and Communicating a Compelling Vision Keith knows that as a leader, unity begins with him. And to do this means defining, communicating, and constantly promoting a compelling vision throughout the departments at One Source. This requires a conscious effort, repeating the vision and ensuring the team acts on it in the course of their workdays. We Function as a “Work-Family.” By working collaboratively and with effective communication, the employees at One Source have built Standards of Excellence that makes a lasting impression on our clients. We know that collaboration is joining together to make possible that which cannot be accomplished alone. Some of the ways we uphold our standards of excellence include:

  • Communicating to relay information.
  • Coordinating to accommodate the needs of the team and its members.
  • Cooperating and share resources.
And, it’s these Standards help us successfully achieve our Goals. They provide a framework and basic understanding of how our team members are expected to work together, with timelines and work plans to accomplish team goals. One of the Goals We Just Met. We earned the business to replace the Harford County Chamber’s PCs and laptops, plus move them into the cloud with our secure sync technology. Keith says: “I love my job.  I want to grow the company and reward my employees by providing them with the ability for a flourishing career and a great lifestyle.” It’s precisely his “work family” that makes Keith love his job so much.  He thrives on being able to drive, motivate and improve the network of both his team and his clients. And Keith isn’t afraid of challenges.  He views the constantly changing technology market as a challenge that keeps him at the top of his game.  These are the signs of a true leader.]]>