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IT Support in BaltimoreThe Staff At Kyocera Intelligence Supports The Children’s National Medical Center
On December 16th, 2017, 4-year-old Preston Heather, son of our Kyocera Intelligence engineer Bill Heather, woke up with a stomach bug. The next 24 hours would reveal that it wasn’t a stomach bug. The doctors weren’t sure if he had pneumonia or if his left lung was collapsed. Preston was taken to Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. where he was admitted to the PICU 9 Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.
Over the next 24 hours, Preston’s condition declined and he was put on a ventilator to keep him alive. While most of us were enjoying the Christmas season, the Heather’s were watching their son fight for his life. The doctors and nurses were doing everything they could to save him. After a week of fighting for his life and his parents in a distraught condition, Preston began to stabilize but he needed thoracic surgery.
During the surgery, smaller drainage tubes were replaced by larger ones with improved drainage.  Preston was then returned to the PICU to recover. Over the next few days his condition remained stable.  As the nurses began the process of waking him from the sedation, he was able to nod and point to communicate.
After a while, Preston started playing with his toys during short bursts of energy.  He loved to bop people with his foamy sports flag and watch his bear Charles dance with his dad.  The day after surgery, the physical therapist came in and sat Preston up on the side of the bed.  Two days after the surgery, the physicians began breathing trials to test if he could breathe without the help of the ventilator.
After 18 days in the hospital, Preston was able to breathe and eat on his own, and he finally went home to celebrate Christmas with his family. He continues to see a pulmonologist on a quarterly basis.
IT Services in Baltimore
For Christmas this year, Preston wanted to give back to the children who may not be home to see Santa.  So, in honor of Preston’s wish, the staff at Once Source Imaging Solutions focused our efforts on obtaining donations for the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C.
During the month of November, our employees donated toys for Preston to take to children in the Hospital. On November 28th, Preston came to our office and met Kyocera Document Solutions President, Oscar Sanchez, and the team here at One Source. He delivered the toys to the Children’s Hospital on December 6th.
We care about our staff’s families at Kyocera Intelligence and Kyocera Intelligence. During this holiday season, we are blessed to have spent the day with Preston and help him in his efforts to give back.
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