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My name is Mark. I run a distance education company right here in Baltimore, MD. My story isn’t unique, but it does point the person looking for help migrating from G Suite to Office 365 in the right direction.
For my company, the problems started with the finance department. At that time, the finance department was made up of about ten staff members. I walked in one day, and they revolted. Well, there weren’t any pitchforks or flaming torches, but their message was clear. Google Sheets just wasn’t doing the job for them, and they needed to move to Excel. So, I caved and bought Office 365 subscriptions for that department and hired a freelance IT guy to come in and move that department over from G Suite to Office 365.
Unfortunately – or fortunately, if you are a glass half full type of person – moving the finance department over to Office 365 was only the beginning. It wasn’t long before other department heads began to bemoan the deficits of the G Suite solution. Gary Reznik, head of the marketing department was especially vocal. Why? Well, because he’s Gary. But also because G Suite doesn’t have a good way for a team to share folders. Sure, each individual has their own Google drive, and they can share files with each other, but there’s no functionality that can rival the capabilities of Microsoft’s SharePoint.
So, with two departments now potentially moving to Office 365, I decided to look into the finances and the logistics of migrating the entire company over to Office 365.
What I found out about G Suite cost vs. Office 365 cost was surprising.
On the face of it, I could save myself $2 per seat per month if I stayed with G Suite.
With eighty-two employees on the payroll, that wasn’t insignificant.
But when I talked to the leader of a local Manufacturing company that had recently made the switch and crunched the numbers, I realized that the $2 per seat savings didn’t include the greater IT support load required by G Suite and didn’t take into consideration the additional functionality that comes built into Office 365. It soon became apparent that when everything was taken into consideration, Office 365 was more cost-effective and had the functionality that would help us drive more efficiency and productivity.
So, I made up my mind to make the switch to Office 365. The problem now was, who was going to handle the migration? The freelance IT guy I had for the Finance department project had taken a job handling in-house IT for an Engineering firm, so he wasn’t available.
It was time to start looking around.
Yes, my first thought was to contact the guy that was already looking after our computers. For the past five years, we have had the cousin of our maintenance guy, Earl, coming in on the weekends and doing updates, upgrades, and patches, but that’s about where the skill set of Earl’s cousin ended.
So, since I was fresh out of options in my Rolodex, I turned to Google and punched in, “IT support company in Baltimore, MD for G Suite to Office 365 migration.”
“This should be pretty simple,” I thought.
After scrolling past the paid ads at the top, I clicked on the first link in the organic search results.
The name of the webpage was, “Goodbye Google: Making the Switch to Office 365.”
“That’s exactly what I want,” I thought.
So with high hopes, I began to read.
Whoever had put their webpage on G Suite to Office 365 migrations together had done a fantastic job. It was helpful and informative. Complete with a Google Apps vs. Microsoft Office 365 YouTube video.
It took me about seven minutes to read.
My takeaway was two separate thoughts…
Thought #1 – “This migration thing is a LOT more complicated than what I thought it would be.”
Thought #2 – “It seems like these Kyocera Intelligence people know what they are talking about, I’ll give them a call.”
Well, here’s the problem. That day was also the day that a renovation crew was moving some walls around in the building to make a better work environment for my team, and they were a noisy bunch. Hammers, drills, saws. If it made noise, those guys would find a way to use it.
So, making a phone call was out of the question. I could barely hear myself think!
“So,” I thought, “on to option #2.”
Option #2 was a “live chat” box that had popped up on the One Source website. “What have I got to lose?” So, with my expectations flying pretty low, I typed in, “Hi. I’m looking for a price on migrating 75 users from G Suite to Office 365. Is that something you do?”
The answer came back quickly.
“Yes! We do that. Can I ask you a few questions? What industry are you in and what number can I reach you at if we get disconnected?”
I told the person on the other end of the chat that we were in education and gave her my number.
“Thank you,” the person on the other end of the chat said. “Here’s the deal. I could give you a price now, but it would only be a guess, and I’d have to guess pretty high just to cover every eventuality.” It’d be far better and more accurate if I could have one of our techs give you a call at your convenience. Is there a time that works for you this afternoon or tomorrow?”
I knew that afternoon I would have no peace from the continual construction noise but made an appointment for them to give me a call at nine the next morning.
That next morning, the call came in at precisely 9:00 am. A very friendly fellow – Tom I think his name was – went through the whole process with me, asked me a ton of questions, and gave me pricing very similar to what I was expecting after having talked earlier and run through the numbers with my buddy from the manufacturing company down the road.
Two days later – it was a Saturday – the One Source team showed up – in the middle of our “construction zone” (noise and all) and moved everything over so our staff could start fresh with Office 365 the next Monday. Their professionalism, care, and efficiency impressed me, and made me think, “We need to have an ongoing relationship with One Source.”
I set up a meeting with Tom and his boss for the following week, and we explored what a continuous IT management monthly subscription would look like. I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of the concept of Managed IT services before, but it made sense to pay someone to keep your computers running rather than paying someone to come if they break down. So, with a little thought and a talk with my leadership team, we made the leap to partner with One Source and haven’t looked back.
Since that time – it’s got to be nearly three years ago now – we have seen the One Source team help us make significant improvements in our underlying technology and directly related to that, our efficiency. Our investment in their services has allowed us to deliver our online educational services faster and with less hassle. This higher level of productivity has allowed us to take on more students, which in turn has benefitted our bottom line.
We’re glad we migrated from G Suite to Office 365, but we’re even more pleased with our decision to partner with One Source IT Solutions. They’re a great bunch of people that know their stuff!
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