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Future Smartphone

Back in the day, mobile phones were all the rage, but as technology has evolved, we’ve seen the advancement of smartphones: offering smarter capabilities than traditional mobile phones, such as web browsing, games, video and photo taking abilities, and much more. Smartphones appeared only two decades ago, but they’ve become an integral part of our day-to-day lives and they’re only getting more advanced as time goes on.

What should we expect to see in the future of the smartphone? Most people don’t recognize how smart their smartphones actually are – packed with dozens of sensors that allow them to collect data regarding who we are, where we’re located, and what’s happening around us. In the next five to ten years, we predict smartphones will offer even more advancements that will improve the productivity of businesses and the efficiency of the end user:

  • Features that employ sensor information:

Smartphones in the future will likely have mobile apps that employ sensor information to a greater extent than they do currently – anticipating your needs based on current patterns and routines.

  • Form that offers more flexibility and freedom:

The form of future smartphones will include integrated circuits, front-facing speakers, replacement parts for screens, and upgraded speakers and cameras. Plus, they’re likely to include screens that bend and curve.

  • Functions that suit a wider range of needs:

In the future, we predict smartphones to have functions that suit a wider range of needs – from fingerprint access for security to patient control (allowing patients to send photos to doctors) to virtual reality for better gaming.

  • Performance that’s as powerful as a desktop:

Smartphone performance has been doubling every year, and in 2015, smartphone performance is officially as powerful as a PC in 2005. We predict future smartphones will be as powerful as desktops – with 256 core processers, increased CPUs, and more.

The future of the smartphone is limitless! We have all seen the evolution in business, from the flip phone, to the blackberry, to today with Android and iPhone devices. This evolution has allowed us to improve internal communication inside our companies and set the bar even higher for being responsive to our clients.

The bullet points above are probably just a small offering of what’s to come– delivering a more innovative way to stay in touch and get work done on the go. Call Kyocera Intelligence at (800) 875-8843 or send us an email: itsolutions@kimidatlantic.com for more information.