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KYOCERA Fleet Services

What if warn out parts could be replaced before they wear out? What if software could be updated after business hours? What if all your devices were up and running almost every hour of every day? With KYOCERA Fleet Services, your service provider can monitor and manage every device. This includes KYOCERA and other brands without visiting your office.

What if technicians could visit you less but help you more?

What if access was easier, maintenance simpler, your operations greener, and your document infrastructure perfectly matched your needs?

Your Business Will Benefit In Many Ways

All of the above is available with KYOCERA Fleet Services (KFS).

With KFS, minor issues never become major ones.

Firmware & Security Updates? …Easy.

Toner & Supplies?… You’ll have them right when you need them.

  • KFS is Secure: It’s hosted in the highly secure Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  • KFS is Cost-Effective: No additional hardware is necessary.
  • KFS provides Complete Usage Data: You’ll know which devices are getting too much use, and which ones aren’t used enough. Is there too much color printing? Or not enough?

Your KYOCERA service provider will ensure that you always have exactly what you need.

KYOCERA Fleet Services Ensures Uptime

What if uptime were all the time?

Everything your business does depends on the documents you produce. If your multi-function printer (MFP) breaks down and you can’t produce the documents you need, you could lose customers due to missed deadlines.

This is why you need a document infrastructure that runs smoothly, cost-effectively, and continuously. You need uptime; uptime is everything.

This means a comprehensive remote monitoring solution like KFS that’s cost-effective; where technicians monitor your devices in real-time, anticipate issues, and even update firmware remotely during off-peak hours. All of this maximizes uptime, making sure your staff gets things done.

You’ll Be Covered When Things Go Wrong

  • If an event occurs, an email alert will be automatically generated by the Fleet Service Remote Monitoring System.
  • The failure will be instantly analyzed remotely.
  • If necessary, an on-site visit will be scheduled ASAP, and the technician will arrive with all the required components on hand.
  • Downtime is minimized because KFS will resolve the issue in a single visit.

You’ll Experience Rapid Response & Resolution Times

Your SLA (Service Level Agreement) response time refers to how quickly your document solutions company will respond to a technical issue. It will clearly define our work hours and ensure that you know what hours are included in response time.

We will also be clear about resolution times. This refers to the length of time it takes from the time a ticket request is logged until the issue is fully resolved. Typically, a document solutions company will establish a range of job priorities with a target resolution time for each. For example, a downed printer will be a higher priority than setting up a new copier.

12 More Ways You’ll Benefit From KYOCERA Fleet Services

  1. Real-time device diagnostics and alerts.
  2. Convenient firmware updates.
  3. Remote error resolution and code-resetting.
  4. Ongoing monitoring of supply levels.
  5. Fewer on-site visits.
  6. A deeper understanding of your print and copying needs through robust usage data.
  7. Identifying trends and user requirements.
  8. Right-sizing devices across your fleet.
  9. Detailed analytics and customizable graphic reports.
  10. Optimized device configuration to meet your constantly evolving needs.
  11. Virtually no need for maintenance by your staff.
  12. Secure remote monitoring that keeps your printers and copiers running as they should.

Your entire document infrastructure can be optimized to best meet your business’ unique and evolving needs.

Who Provides KYOCERA Fleet Services In The Mid-Atlantic Region?

The team at KYOCERA Document Solutions Mid-Atlantic provides real-time monitoring for fast response and resolution times. And we stand by our SLAs because we know that uptime is everything. Reach out to us for more information or a complimentary assessment of your document solution needs.