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Berkley.edu, the average USA business with one facility and twenty-five employees has a carbon footprint of 419 tons of CO2 per year. The EPA tells us that 419 tons of CO2 is equivalent to:

  • 7 passenger vehicles driven for an entire year
  • Burning the propane from 17,129 BBQ tanks
  • The electricity used by 62.8 homes in a whole year
Because of this significant CO2 footprint, scientists have calculated what it would take to offset this amount of CO2 completely.
  • Plant 10,859 seedlings and let them grow for ten years.
  • Save 494 acres of forest from being cut down.
  • Ensure that 3.4 acres of forest doesn’t get converted into farmland for crops
While it’s unlikely that you have the time or desire to become an environmental activist and lobby for any of the above carbon offset options, your company can reduce its carbon footprint while keeping a competitive edge on the global stage. How? By partnering with environmentally concerned and responsible IT services and imaging providers like One Source IT. You see… Making environmentally responsible choices for your business doesn’t have to be difficult. The One Source IT team helps business leaders like you make small, pro-growth decisions every day that are business friendly and environmentally sound. Some people ask us, “What’s more important – business or the environment?” To which, our answer is – both! Anyone who wants to make you decide between being environmentally conscious and the business that feeds your family and gives your staff their livelihood is just pushing their own agenda. Both can be accomplished by making simple choices that enhance your business while conserving energy and reducing pollutants. The perfect example of this is Kyocera’s ECOSYS printer. In the twenty-five years since its introduction to the market, the ECOSYS has earned its environmentally friendly image by reducing the carbon footprint of businesses across the globe. How was this accomplished? In an interview with Dr. Karl-Heinz Feuerherd of Kobe Yamate University, Keiji Itsukushima, Managing Executive Officer/Senior General Manager of Corporate R&D Division 1 at Kyocera Mita Corporation explains. “Around 1983 when laser printers were first introduced to the market, such issues as cost-per-print and waste associated with drum cartridge replacement were not yet receiving much attention. At that time in Japan, the cost-per-print of a printer was about 5 yen. Kyocera considered that too expensive and tried to reduce the cost incurred by the user and provide significant cost benefits by extending the service life of consumable parts.” “In 1990, when the first trial model of a new laser printer was completed, we received some advice from Chairman Emeritus Inamori. His advice led to the development of the ECOSYS concept, which focuses on eco-friendliness as its biggest selling point.” “I think the environmental consciousness of ECOSYS printers was understood relatively quickly. ECOSYS’ low replacement frequency-in other words, the ECOSYS drum and toner container needed only to be replaced after 300,000 pages and 20,000 pages, respectively-attracted much attention from an environmental protection perspective.” Clearly, the R&D team at Kyocera were on to something. In 1992, they introduced the first cartridge-free toner system for laser printers. Over the past twenty-five years, this innovative solution has saved hundreds of thousands of empty plastic toner cartridges from ending up in landfills across the globe. It’s this kind of innovative thinking – combining business advantage and environmental responsibility – that drew the One Source IT team to Kyocera and its impressive lineup of imaging hardware. But the one-two punch of business advantage and environmental conservation doesn’t happen by merely buying and using a Kyocera machine. The missing piece of the puzzle is IT consultants. IT consultants that understand environmental responsibility AND how to harness new technologies to gain more traction in the marketplace are essential to bringing together the two priorities of planet and profit within the corporate model. How does an IT consultant from One Source IT accomplish this monumental task? Here’s our proven 5 step methodology.
  1. Assessment
Knowing what questions to ask is vital to this process. This is where experience comes into the picture. By carefully reviewing a company’s operations, internal processes, goals, and in-use technology, a One Source IT consultant can gather an understanding of what that company needs from its imaging hardware and software along with the broader IT environment.
  1. Solution Design
By using the information gathered in the assessment stage, the One Source IT consultant’s next step is to tailor a solution that addresses the immediate technology concerns of the business and allows flexibility to scale into the future with the company’s growth.
  1. Implementation
When the design stage is complete, it’s time to begin putting the pieces of hardware, software, and cloud assets into place. This stage is done carefully to limit disruption to the ongoing business processes of the company.
  1. Management
Ongoing maintenance is a necessity. Without it, the little issues become big problems, and the solutions you thought were going to be a help quickly turn into technology headaches. One Source IT doesn’t set up hardware and software solutions then abandon their client. Instead, monthly management contracts are put in place to ensure that you have the IT support you need for continued security, data backup, and troubleshooting.
  1. Monitoring
Operational monitoring is a must. By remotely observing the functionality of your IT system, One Source IT can make adjustments for security and performance while optimizing your technology to fit the way YOU do business.   Less Waste – Less Pollution – Better Strategies – More Profit One Source IT provides all the strategy and IT support your company needs to be environmentally responsible AND leverage technology to make more money. Here are just a few of the pro-business IT services we offer: The One Source, IT team of technology support professionals, provide a holistic, proactive approach to IT management, maintenance, and monitoring that will keep your business secure, productive, efficient, and environmentally friendly. We deliver high-level IT consulting for:
  • Optimizing Business Performance
  • Managing Mission-Critical Data
  • Complex Workflows
  • Cybersecurity and Legislative Compliance
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