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As consumers, we’ve been using 4G LTE to connect to the Internet for years. And for schools, it’s beneficial as well, particularly in rural geographic areas. It offers flexibility that wired connectivity doesn’t provide. So, how can this mobile wireless technology benefits students, faculty and staff both inside and outside the classroom?

WiFi On School Buses Helps Students Learn, Increases Safety and Cuts Costs For School Districts

Some school districts are installing 4G LTE on their school bus fleets with program names like “WiFi on Wheels.” Each bus in the fleet receives an in-vehicle LTE wireless solution that can be used while students are riding the bus to and from school.

The most prominent results from “WiFi on Wheels” initiatives are coming from school districts in widespread, poor, and rural areas. One California school district’s 100-bus fleet covers 1,250 square miles. Many of the district’s students lack internet access at home and also have long bus rides. After implementing 4G LTE on district buses, students became more academically engaged. In one year, graduation rates in the district increased from 70 to 80 percent.

4G LTE on buses has also been shown to increase student safety and reduce the incidence of violence and bullying. Security and real-time communications for students, faculty, and staff are supported through 4G LTE cameras and other monitoring devices.

From a resource management perspective, 4G LTE on school buses supports telematics to improve cost-efficiency, and GPS shows the location of buses at all times for fleet management.

Can 4G LTE Strengthen School Communications and IT Support?

Districts with widespread facilities and campuses can use 4G LTE to manage digital signage and communications. Instead of localized programming, district-wide messages can be sent instantly.

Remote tech support and troubleshooting can also be improved by 4G LTE technology. Wireless 4G LTE networks enable remote IT solutions and inter-school conferencing.

And, if your district uses sites that aren’t typically connected to the Internet, like gyms, sports complexes, and temporary classrooms, 4G LTE enables these buildings and locations to be flexibly included in your school network as needed.

How Can 4G LTE Benefit Campus Safety and Security?

In the same way that districts implement “WiFi on Wheels” on buses, campus safety vehicles can use 4G LTE for communications, monitoring, and reporting.

Because 4G LTE technology is wirelessly delivered, security within the system is also important to prevent intrusion and hacking. 4G LTE technology enables districts to isolate their own data and cloak any personal information that’s going through the district’s devices. The district can define its own information perimeter limiting software for only authorized students and staff.

And options like SmartBus automatically filter out inappropriate content, social media distractions, and entertainment sites like Netflix and Spotify.

How Can Wireless Networks Support Teachers and Students?

The schools that “get the best grades” are those that take advantage of the many benefits a reliable IT and WiFi system provides. These ensure students and teachers can use computers via WiFi no matter where they are in the school.

Children today rely on E-Learning via desktops, laptops and iPads in nearly every classroom. In some schools, all their educational materials are now on virtual learning environments that depend on WiFi and reliable IT infrastructures.

How Can Wireless WANs Support Parents and Student Volunteers?

Parent groups that hold music, athletic, recreational, cultural or theater events can use the network remotely to process credit card payments. Student leadership groups can also process payments for dances, campus events, and year-end activities. 4G LTE technology enables these transactions to be conducted safely and securely.

There are many good reasons to consider 4G LTE technology for schools and busses. From improving school bus safety, increasing student academic performance, and connecting campuses, to enabling remote IT support and connecting a school district and all of its people. 4G LTE is an effective and efficient communications choice for any school district.

How Can You Ensure Children Use WiFi Responsibly?

With the use of WiFi and computers, there’s always a risk that children will tap into inappropriate internet content and use devices to chat or communicate with friends.

Kyocera Intelligence helps administrators mitigate this risk, ensuring filters and software are installed at a high level on the school’s internet feed to block harmful material and prevent students from participating in distracting behavior. We can even install software to give administrators and educators snapshots of students’ screens.

Won’t This Cost A Lot?

The majority of schools already have some form of wireless in place, and the main challenge going forward is to support the implementation of high-speed connectivity. With the ever-expanding technology resources coming out of Silicon Valley, it’s hard for a school to keep up when faced with constrained budgets.

To comply with a school’s budgetary requirements the team at Kyocera Intelligence:

1.  Can help to keep your school’s technology and computer support costs under control.

2.  Provides service and support with an in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies.

3.  Offers school administrators guidance to help you make the best strategic technology decisions.

4.  Keeps an eye on your school’s entire network making sure issues are addressed before they become big problems.

5.  Does whatever it takes to keep your school network secure and operational 24/7/365.

We understand the limited resources administrators face, and we’ll work with you to come up with solutions for today and years into the future. IT is important because it connects schools to the digital society and enables the next generation to not only learn, but to eventually transform society for the better.

For more information on how your school can benefit from 4G LTE and WiFi, contact the experts at Kyocera Intelligence and One Source Imaging Solutions in Baltimore and Washington, DC.

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