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Document Management SpecialistWelcome to #MeetTheTeam Monday  Today, we’d like you to meet our IT Technician and Document Management Specialist, Grey Leader! Grey’s been looking at monitors since he was still in his single digits. Learning how the PC runs, how to update hardware, and fix issues began at an early age for him.  In middle school, when students were required to turn in their notebooks filled with the semester’s notes, he would borrow someone’s and put them in a word processor and make graphics out of the diagrams and sell them to the other students. Guaranteed A for anyone interested in handing him some cash! Fun Fact: He learned how to blow on the trombone and key the clarinet, but doesn’t feel he has a natural affinity for playing or creation of music. Grey has been gainfully employed with One Source for 5 years. He is proud to wear the One Source or Kyocera Intelligence logos on his shirts. What fictional character does he relate to best? He likes Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory since he is a man-boy who still enjoys childish things despite successfully holding down an adult lifestyle. He also appreciates his wit, even if it isn’t what most people consider funny. Same song forever, what would it be?< Pink Floyd – Money (because $$$) If he had to pick a superpower, what would it be? Seeing into the future, at least as far as tomorrow. His reasoning: lottery tickets. See above. His favorite pastime? Judging from how far he lives from the office, he jokingly says his favorite pastime must be driving. What did he want to be when he grew up? He wanted to be an Air Force pilot when he was a youth. What electronic device can he not live without? If his home PC were to break, it would be repaired/replaced ridiculously quickly as it is his only entertainment. No cable. No PS4 or other consoles. Just a PC hooked up to his TV.]]>