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If you’re looking for cybersecurity consulting in Baltimore to better protect your business from security threats, you’re not alone.
Companies are flocking to find cyber security solutions in Baltimore before serious threats either sink their businesses or ruin their reputations.
But once you find a cybersecurity company to work with, how can you know they’re trustworthy and will protect you?
Ahead, we’ll go over exactly which cybersecurity dangers you should be concerned with — and how to find a trustworthy cybersecurity company who can help you and your clients stay safe from these threats.

What cybersecurity threats should you be worried about?

Hackers get quite creative with ways to attack Baltimore businesses, so, unfortunately, there are a lot of IT security “traps” out there. These include:

  • Viruses
  • Malware
  • Spyware
  • Ransomware
  • Phishing attacks

Below, we’ll discuss each of these cybersecurity threats in more detail and provide you with countermeasures you and your security team can take to prevent them.
What virus and malware issues should you be worried about?
Viruses are pieces of software with the sole purpose of interfering with and damaging computers. A virus can corrupt or delete stored files, mess with your standard operations, or steal and destroy other data.
What about spyware?
Most of these names are semi-self-explanatory. For instance, spyware is just that — software that spies on you. You don’t know it’s there, but it’s hanging out in the background, monitoring your devices’ activity, collecting your data, watching where you go online, and more.
Should you be worried about ransomware?
Again, just as it sounds, ransomware is software that holds your computer or files ransom, and it’s becoming more of a common threat. Ransomware gets somehow installed in your computer system and renders your technology useless until you pay a (generally rather large) sum of money.
Do you need to be concerned with phishing attacks?
Phishing attacks are less about technology and more about tricking you — and they’re another common threat. A phishing attack is an email that looks legitimate but is a way to glean personal and financial information from users.

How can you prevent cybersecurity problems?

To completely protect your business from the security threats listed above, it’s essential to hire a company that specializes in cybersecurity consulting in Baltimore.
To know if a company is qualified, experienced, and trustworthy enough when you speak with them, make sure they mention the following security risk prevention measures and best business practices:
• A multi-layered approach to security: As you can see, multiple security issues can threaten your business. Therefore, your security company must be able to combat all of these potential problems. Instead of just supplying an antivirus program and calling it right, your protection must also defend against spyware, malware, and ransomware.
• A plan of attack for email security: This generally involves your cybersecurity company teaching you and your employees what to click on and what not to click on in their email.
• A continuity solution: This will help monitor everything that happens directly before, during, and after a potential cyber attack, to better amend the problem right away.
• Penetration testing: Penetration testing simulates cyber attacks and looks for possible vulnerabilities that could become problems later on.
• A cloud-managed firewall: This provides intrusion and gateway protection and keeps the bad guys at bay.

Is hiring a company for cybersecurity consulting in Baltimore the only way to help prevent cyber attacks?

No, but it’s the best way.
As a business owner or manager, you can research cybersecurity threats and solutions yourself, but keep in mind this takes a tremendous amount of research and constant monitoring — not to mention a strong background in computers and technology.
Cyber threats are always changing, and hackers are still learning new ways to compete with the best firewalls and other protections. When it’s someone else’s full-time job to attack you, it has to be your full-time job to prevent these attacks.
Therefore, if you take on this responsibility yourself, it will become a large part of your job — if not the entirety of your job.
Instead, it’s best to look for a trustworthy cybersecurity company.
Use the advice above to find a company who does cybersecurity consulting in Baltimore and one who has an excellent reputation. Interview them and look for the security measures listed above. Once you find a great candidate, you can entirely allocate your cybersecurity to this company with confidence that you’ll be protected.