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Imagine turning on your computer to get a nasty message popping up on the screen:

Your files have been encrypted, and you cannot access them. Send money to this bank account to unlock your files.

What do you do?

That’s what a client of Kyocera Intelligence in Southern Maryland wondered when they found they had been hit by the Cryptorbit virus.

Cryptorbit is a nasty piece of ransomware that spreads throughout a network to find and lock down important business files. Not only had Cryptorbit locked down the files of OSIS’ client, but it had also turned at least one of their PCs into a zombie – forcing it to run code to mine for Bitcoin on the hackers’ behalf.

But these hackers didn’t know what they were messing with. This business worked with OSIS, a company that thinks proactively when it comes to security.

OSIS had a complete disaster recovery solution in place for our client that backed up all their data: files, applications, operating system, and more.

  • All the files were restored to pre-virus state.
  • The infected PC was cleaned out of the virus and locked down against future infections.
  • No money was paid to the hackers, and no files were lost.

It’s important to remember that prevention alone is not enough when it comes to I.T. security. No matter how sophisticated a firewall or how rigorous malware protection is, sometimes problems slip through. Sometimes users accidentally let malware in via a phishing attack, and sometimes it simply comes down to a dedicated and tricky hacker managing to get past defenses. That’s why a business needs a disaster recovery solution like this.

Don’t let your business be caught without protection. After the CryptorBit virus hit our client in Southern Maryland, MD, they would have been out of luck if they hadn’t planned ahead with Kyocera Intelligence.

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