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Mobile Device Management (MDM) For Construction Companies

With all the data breaches in 2018 and predictions for them to increase, Mobile Device Management (MDM) is essential for any business with workers offsite. This is especially true for construction companies.

You Need Secure Mobile Devices To Communicate With Your Workers In The Field

Many construction company employees work on the go. With data stored in the Cloud, project data and company files are now available from mobile devices and laptops for any user with an internet connection.

MarketsandMarkets suggests the mobile-device management market will be worth $7.86 Billion by 2023. This is an increase of 22.8% between 2018 and 2023. They say:

“The propagation of smartphones and tablets, the growing security concerns to protect corporate data, and the increasing need for MDM solutions to manage and synchronize different platforms through a single console are expected to be the major factors in driving the MDM market.”

The need for an MDM solution for your construction workers isn’t new. And if you aren’t using it, you should.

There’s A New Mobile Threat Landscape Today

The upsurge of corporate-owned devices and advancements in business applications and technologies are expected to increase the need for MDM solutions to protect companies’ data as it’s transmitted and stored by workers on job sites.

This, along with growing mobile security threats like mobile malware are concerning to construction company executives, and they’re looking for security solutions.

Using tablets and smartphones is less secure than using PCs and laptops because they lack pre-installed malware protection. Most computers include data intrusion protection, but smartphone developers still haven’t caught up in this respect.

And hackers know this; they have developed cyber threats targeted to tablets and smartphones. Some come via email, and others through SMS text message attacks. And these attacks are sophisticated with Trojans, keyloggers that record your keystrokes, malicious applications and phishing attacks.

Mobile Devices Can Be Lost Or Stolen

Mobile devices are easily lost and can be stolen. When this happens, construction companies that must meet stringent regulatory or privacy requirements could be put in jeopardy. If your MDM solution is being managed properly, your data will be secure and protected.

MDM Protects Your Mobile Devices & Company Data

Mobile Device Management provides a centralized platform to manage all of your construction company’s smartphones and tablets in the field, in the office and on the road.

If your devices are lost, stolen or compromised, your IT provider can use it to wipe your confidential data from them remotely. This keeps bad actors from accessing the data on your mobile devices.

But today’s MDM goes farther than this. Some also come with policy- and configuration-management tools to deliver IT support to mobile end users and ensure they maintain security policies.

It can also provide for:

  • Hardware & Software Inventory
  • OS Configuration Management
  • Mobile application deployment, updates and removals
  • Mobile Application Configuration & Policy Management
  • Remote viewing and troubleshooting
  • Mobile Content Management
  • Security Solutions such as Remote Wipe

How Do We Select An MDM Solution?

As the owner or manager of a construction company, you must use an MDM solution that ensures security, and provides management for each device connected to your network.

The best choice is an MDM solution that’s implemented and executed by an IT Managed Service Provider. They will remotely manage your mobile devices, security configurations, software updates and packages, and other operations. And, you also won’t need to make capital expenditures for hardware and software.

Why Is IT Expertise Essential For Mobile Device Management?

Wireless devices are more complex than ever before, and they’re now critical tools for most organizations. To secure, manage, and maintain your wireless infrastructure, IT expertise is essential. For companies that lack personnel with IT expertise, a managed service provider is the answer.

With a managed service MDM solution, you’ll always have access to the most current version of software, including security updates, and your provider will ensure that your data is protected 24/7. It will allow you the freedom to focus on your business needs rather than IT worries.

How Do We Choose An IT Service Company To Implement Mobile Device Management?

The needs for your construction business can change over time, with expansion, product evolution, and economic cycles that vary. Your construction company may add new mobile devices and will be changing worksites as you take on new projects.

Your IT company should be able to provide the flexibility and scalability you need, as well as support for new and various types of mobile devices. Look for one that offers a range of options. For example, if you change your mind in the future, can they offer another solution?

Choose a provider who has a solid track record with strong technical engineering, management and support teams. Make sure they have a sufficient understanding of MDM.

Also, look for an IT service company with a strong customer base; and never be afraid to ask for references. Don’t hesitate to ask questions so you can select the correct MDM solution and IT provider for your construction company.

What Else Should We Do To Ensure Our Mobile Devices Are Secure?

A Mobile Device Management Policy dictates how your employees can use their personal devices for work purposes, dictating which security apps should be installed, and what best practices need to be followed.

Key considerations include:

Deciding how mobile devices will be used.

You’ll need to have policies in place to regulate how employees use their devices to interact with sensitive data. Take the time to consider the risks associated with mobile device use, such as the potential for devices containing business data to be lost or stolen, infected with malware, or the potential for accidental disclosure of confidential information through sharing a device with a family member or connecting to an unsecured wireless network.

Considering how mobile device use can pose risks to your data.

A risk analysis will help you identify vulnerabilities in your security infrastructure, and help you determine the safeguards, policies, and procedures you’ll need to have in place. Your IT service company can provide this.

Whether the devices in question are personal devices or provided by your construction company, you will still need to have a clear idea of how they’re being used to communicate with your internal network and systems.

Assessments should be conducted periodically, especially after a new device is granted access, a device is lost or stolen, or a security breach is suspected.

Developing, documenting, and implementing mobile device usage policies and procedures.

Policies that are designed for mobile devices will help you manage risks and vulnerabilities specific to these devices. These policies should include:

  • Processes for identifying all devices being used to access business data,
  • Routinely checking that all devices have the correct security and configuration settings in place,
  • Whether or not staff can use mobile devices to access internal systems,
  • Whether staff can take work devices home with them, and
  • How you will go about deactivating or revoking the access of staff members who are no longer employed.

As you can see, monitoring your mobile devices In the field for security is essential. And I would wager that MDM will continue to be crucial to construction companies’ strategies in the years ahead.

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