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Sometimes it’s hard to see when you’re either too close to it, or you’ve been dealing with lackluster computer support for years like it was the norm. Other times, you know that you’re getting the short end of the stick when it comes to IT services, and you begin to shop around for better. Below are 4 signs either your current company, or one you are thinking about hiring to be your computer support services in Philadelphia is one you can trust to deliver the goods consistently.

  1. They feature highly-responsive help desk services. You know you have a winning IT company working for you if you can call anytime, 24/7/365 and submit a help desk support ticket for any issue you experience. If your current IT company gives you a “Sorry, it’s after hours” message when you call with an urgent matter that requires expert attention, then you need to give serious consideration to dumping them and getting real computer support to keep your business network on track, productive, and performing up to speed!
  1. Their cloud solutions offer the widest variety of cloud computing options. Does your computer support company in Philadelphia provide you with broad-spectrum cloud services featuring tools and platforms like email hosting, Office 365 support, file sharing, better cloud storage solutions, hybrid choices, and more? Can they perform an office migration to the cloud that’s seamless, and offer innovative cloud solutions tailor-made for your business model? If the answer’s no to either of those questions, it’s time to look elsewhere.
  1. They give you overall network security with more options and better solutions. Your computer services in Philadelphia should be able to give you the following:
  • Managed antivirus software, firewall, and Web filtering
  • Around-the-clock server, site, and data center monitoring
  • Device, computer, and network security that ensures full coverage on all technology
  • Strategic technology planning for upgrades, rollouts, and system management
  • Rapid, on-site emergency support
  1. Business continuity planning and strategy that ensures your productivity in the wake of any disaster. Next to network and cyber security, this is perhaps the most important aspect of IT services and support. Any Philadelphia computer support company needs to be able to offer comprehensive business continuity planning and objectives that ensure their clients’ ability to do business computing long-term. Without it, even small amounts of downtime can set you back at significant financial loss.

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If your IT firm isn’t giving you all of the above and more, it’s time for a computer support company in Philadelphia you can rely on as a business computing partner that has all contingencies covered. Kyocera Intelligence provides trusted computer support services in Philadelphia that’s custom-fit to your operational needs and goals for long-range success, so let one of our friendly IT consulting agents get you started on a better plan today.]]>