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Are you looking to get more out of your computer support in Washington DC? Well, so are we. We’re always pushing ourselves to give more, and push the bounds of what makes for better computer service in Washington, which means better service for our customers. So, look no further – we’ve got everything you could expect in a computer repair company, and then some. We handle every possible issue and angle of computer support, including both hardware and software issues, PC vs. Mac concerns, security, upgrades, rollouts, and more.
Washington DC Computer Repair
What kind of computer issue or issues are you experiencing? If they are one of the following “most common computer problems,” we can help:

  • Malware, or malicious software
  • Slow computer (freezing up)
  • Internet or network connectivity issues
  • Dust, cigarette smoke and other accumulations of debris
  • Hard drive issues or failure
  • No power supply to computer (power supply failure)
  • CD/DVD drive not recognized by CPU

And, if it’s not on that list, chances are we’ll find a solution to that issue as well. Welcome to computer service Washington area businesses can count on to keep them productive, connected, and running in tip-top shape. We serve all business sectors and industries, including financial, healthcare, construction, accounting, law, and manufacturing. We also specialize in IT services for non-profit organizations as well, so you, too, can kiss your computer problems goodbye! Our 24/7 IT support help desk allows you better access to computer repair in Washington DC, and more coverage for your money! We also serve Baltimore and all of Southern Maryland, Philadelphia, Delaware, and Southern and Central NJ with computer repair and support.
Call the Computer Repair Pros
We’re Kyocera Intelligence – your one-stop source for computer repair in Washington DC that gives you more coverage and support, with a more hands-on approach. Let us assist you with computer repair services in Washington, DC that cover every possible contingency. Contact Kyocera Intelligence by phone at (800) 875-8843, or by email at ITsolutions@osisIT.com for trusted computer support in Washington, DC.