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Kyocera Intelligence offers insight into how Cloud is optimizing productivity and client service for CPA’s As in any other industry, a primary concern for accounting professionals is ensuring customer data is consistently and reliably secure. Offering accounting services requires the collecting, transmitting, and storing highly sensitive personal data from individuals, small business, large corporations, non-profits, or any number of other companies. This requires stringent security protocols for employees and a storage and backup system that allows for data to be handled in a way that keeps with up with industry compliance standards. Due to the financial nature of accounting firm data, it is often a primary target for hackers. If the proper steps are not taken to secure client data, there is a risk of a breach that could result in customer data being made public and hefty fines for accounting firms. Despite these high-security concerns, the accounting sector continues to lead the Cloud adoption trend. Especially for the newer generation of CPA’s, the ability to access data, software, and utilities from anywhere at any time allows for a level of efficiency and flexibility that would be difficult to achieve using a traditional on-site server platform. However, increased mobility is just one of the benefits CPA firms can experience by switching to a cloud-based platform. Increased mobility also helps keep businesses secure and comprehensive. Increased mobility allows partners gives partners the ability to hire and retain quality staff accountants regardless of their geographical location or if they temporarily need to work at home due to sick kids, parental leave, etc. There is also the added benefit of reducing office space size and reducing the monthly cost associated with it due to the increase in remote staff. Increased accessibility also makes it much easier to share data with clients, a vital component for accounting service. The Cloud offers the ability to provide easy access for customers to send, reference and review their financial information in one, secure locations. Furthermore, Cloud applications can be implemented in a very short amount of time as no software needs to be installed onsite, which could be ideal for firms who are uneasy about undergoing the switch. Finally, Cloud computing is also more cost efficient which helps to optimize value and time for busy CPA’s. By allowing an MSP (Managed Service Provider) to handle your data and related IT needs, the need for in-house IT support can be dialed back, or even eliminated. Having your data and network maintained offsite can reduce the cost of hardware maintenance. Having business data and systems managed offsite can was lowering the cost of equipment maintenance. Most quality data centers refresh their hardware every 3-4 years, taking this burden off of the firm for scheduling central network upgrades and incurring capital expenses. Keith Marchiano, CEO of Kyocera Intelligence (OSIS), serves many clients in the financial service sector and believes cloud adoption will soon be the leading platform used by CPA’s. Stephanie Drane is the managing partner of Jones Advisory, LLC, a valued client of OSIS. She claims cloud technology has made all the difference in their office. “Moving to the cloud has increased our productivity immensely,” Drane says. “It has given our staff Ultimate flexibility with the ability to access client data anytime from anywhere.  There is no equipment for us to secure or maintain, and has freed office space, allowing us to reduce our monthly operational expenses.” “This has also given us a competitive advantage in a highly competitive accounting firm industry.” Drane continues “Having this cutting edge technology provides our clients with a better experience and consulting, helping them grow their business. The entire Kyocera Intelligence team is committed to lead customers in the accounting sector in a way that is optimizing cloud-computing capabilities. OSIS provides their accounting clients with a personalized IT program, which evaluates business’ needs and assesses the current IT infrastructure. Along with cloud management services, OSIS offers their customers 24/7 technical support, network device management, security services, offsite backup and disaster recovery, and predictable IT costs. To connect your business-minded audience with more information about cloud-computing solutions and how they can drive business efficiency and development in the accounting sector, please contact Keith Marchiano to arrange an interview. Keith Marchiano, Regional VP of IT – One Source Imagining Solutions 1-800-875-8843 – kmarchiano@osisinc.com https://www.osisinc.com/directops]]>