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Join Kyocera Intelligence for Our “People, Processes, & Scaling Your Business” Seminar

Join Kyocera Intelligence for a not-to-be-missed business strategy seminar
In September, the team of IT and business strategists from Kyocera Intelligence (OSIS) will be hosting a free and informative event for Baltimore business professionals. The “People, Processes, & Scaling Your Business” seminar is open to all local business leaders who are looking to develop a more concrete strategy for business growth.
Attendees will include a variety of local CEO’s, CFO’s and business owners who will have the opportunity to network with speakers and specialists who are experts in business expansion and scalability. This means you get the chance to connect with experts face-to-face, ask questions and gain insights from industry leaders. Overall, OSIS hopes to connect local professionals with key ideas regarding the role that technology can play in driving your business goals forward.
The Main Event: CEO David Kelly Shares Expertise & Insight with OSIS Seminar Guests
The keynote speaker for the “People, Processes, & Scaling Your Business” seminar is David Kelly, CEO of The Growth Solutions Team. David and his former business partner started their career as the owners of Insurance Marketing Concepts – an insurance agency and investment consulting firm.
Though the endeavor started as a small business, David and his business partner sold the company after they had grown it to over 400 employees and expanded to 26 states – all in only four years!
David then went on to spend the bulk of his career serving as CEO of Liberty Mortgage. In this leadership position, David helped to spearhead Liberty’s expansion from a Regional Lender and Thrift to a National Lender. Under David’s leadership, Liberty became recognized as one of the top-producing mortgage lending firms in the country.
Through the course of his career, David has worked with hundreds of businesses, sales professionals, and cutting-edge industry leaders to improve results, drive strategic focus, and establish well-defined corporate visions. Even better? David is committing to crafting growth missions that all team members and stakeholders can implement and support. David will be sharing these experiences and insights with all our guests at the “People, Processes, & Scaling Your Business” seminar.
David and the OSIS team will share a variety of insights with attendees including:

  • Strategies for envisioning what’s possible – like profit growth into the millions!
  • Ways to engage your team in corporate visions and missions.
  • Tools for refining your processes and KPI/KRAs and SOPs to help you get there.
  • Strategies for continual learning and connection with other business executives.
  • Tools for holding your team accountable and driving continued profit.

Event Details: Everything You Need to Know

  • WHAT & WHEN:

The “People, Processes, & Scaling Your Business” seminar will take place on Thursday, September 20th, 2018 from 7:30am – 10:00am.

  • WHERE:

The event will take place at OSIS Headquarters à
5020 Campbell Blvd
Baltimore, MD 21236

  • WHO:

The event is open to all C-Suite principal professionals including CFO’s, CEO’s, and business owners.


The event is completely FREE & complimentary breakfast will be served.
Those interested in attending must register ahead of time. Registration info and full event details can be found here.
Sound like an event you’d like to be at? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for further information. You can reach us any time at (800) 875-8843. We can’t wait to see you and talk business strategy!