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Managed IT Services Keep Your Business Up and Running

Read more about the leading causes of downtime and how your company can partner with an IT services provider to prevent disruptions that hurt your business.

Downtime disrupts.

When your business systems and software apps are not working, business grinds to a crawl. Employees can’t access information or communicate. Customers can’t connect to websites or order products and services. Productivity and credibility suffer. Cash flow dries up.

According to one recent study, 86 percent of businesses reported that one hour of IT downtime cost their companies $300,000.

Keeping your networks and systems online is an essential IT task. If your IT solution is unreliable, it affects all aspects of your work.

Here are some of the critical causes of network downtime and how to prevent them.

Network Downtime

Does Employee Error Lead to Downtime?

Human error is a frequent cause of IT downtime, whether due to innocent mistakes or failure to follow documented policies and procedures.

To avoid human error from affecting your IT solution, be sure your business:

  • Conducts ongoing training with employees about device configurations, updates and security challenges
  • Has step-by-step procedures in writing for employees to follow for critical tasks
  • Develops security policies that govern access and authentication

What Role do Outages Play in IT Downtime Rates?

Power and internet outages can disrupt businesses quickly. It’s why your business needs a backup generator to address power losses due to weather or other issues.

Your business should use off-site or cloud-based hosting solutions that include redundant backups and access to your data, meaning your company minimizes data losses and can quickly switch to stored information and apps if necessary.

Are Hackers Contributing to IT Downtime?

Businesses of all sizes today face unprecedented threats to their IT security. Ransomware attacks, malware, adware and spam create disruptions that can cripple a business.

Education is the first line of defense against cyberattacks, as many hackers target employees with phishing email schemes that can cause workers to install and activate threats.

Your business should also use email anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-malware tools that prevent messages from reaching users and content filters that restrict access to suspicious websites. File encryption, multi-factor authentication and network perimeter monitoring also help deter hackers from doing serious damage.

How Do We Start With Comprehensive Security Planning?

The lack of a comprehensive security plan is one reason IT systems fail. Working with a professional managed services provider helps companies plan for and defend against outages. Your managed services provider will start by conducting a comprehensive security assessment of all aspects of your IT solution, looking for vulnerabilities and recommending solutions.

This evaluation an essential first step to combating potential outage causes but also to improve the functionality, connectivity and efficacy of your IT footprint.

Is My Technology Leading to Network Outages?

Your servers are only as good as the operating system installed. But those systems, the software apps that run on them, and the devices that employees use to do their work all need to be updated regularly.

Operating system bugs can cause servers to fail. That’s why so many companies use a managed services provider to manage your software and hardware, managing automated updates, upgrades and patches. Your IT partner can also manage vendor relationships, monitoring warranties and licenses to be sure your technology is up to date and working for you.

Can My IT Department Handle All Of Our Technology Needs?

For many businesses, internal IT teams are stretched to the max or do not have the skills to handle the ever-complex technology needs of a modern workplace. This skills and resource gap leads to shortcuts and delays that can cause IT to fail when it’s most needed.

When your business works with a managed IT services provider, you can tap into experts who are on top of the latest advancements in technology and are focused on keeping your business running well.

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