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Remaining compliant with HIPAA standards is a top priority for any healthcare organization. Meeting requirements for the safe handling of ePHI (electronic protected health information) and ensuring that your network security is as solid as it can possibly be are most often the main focus when it comes to healthcare IT. And while these are critical concerns, your technology should do much more for your practice than simply safeguard your data and EHR system.

Better Patient Care
The right tools can help keep your data organized and accessible, better manage your time and the time of your staff, and allow you to see more patients in a single day. With your patient charts made easy to pull up, review, modify, and securely share with other member of your team, you are able to provide a higher quality of care simply by always having the information you need, when your need it. Improving workflow improves patient flow, boosting the productivity of your team and helping you to do more to help your patients.

Of the many benefits of working with the cloud, the most exciting is the ability to customize its services to fit your unique needs. Whether you choose to go with a fully-virtualized environment, a hybrid solution, or something in between, there are options available to suit your specific security, accessibility, and storage requirements. The right IT provider can help you determine which solution is the right fit, and implement and manage that solution to ensure your practice can leverage cloud technology to maximum advantage.

A professionally maintained cloud solution offers top notch Business Continuity services, making sure that no matter what technology difficulties your practice is faced with, you will always have access to important data and applications to allow you to carry on seeing patients. The industry leading IT security measures built into the cloud platform will keep your important data safe from breaches, helping you to protect the privacy of your patients and avoid the hefty fines that come from failing to provide adequate measures to enforce HIPAA privacy rules.
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