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In today’s business climate, all business need to have plans and policies in place when it comes to their technology. Be Prepared is the Motto for the Boy Scouts of America, but it needs to be the motto you follow to run your business.

We are able to help your business write documents you can have to protect your business and add to your employee handbook that cover the new technology world. Some of these include:

Emergency Operations/ Disaster Recovery Plan: Do you have an emergency operations plan? Do you have people in place and assigned to roles for emergencies such as flood, fire, theft, vandalism, pandemics, and other acts of God? Do you have security officers? Emergency locations? Call sheets with critical contact information? Is all of this digital and accessible in the event your building was no longer accessible?

Workforce Policy: Do you have policies in place that cover your business? Are they in the employee handbook and do you have a signed copy from each of your employees? Do you have a termination checklist? A termination policy? A sanction policy?

BYOD (Bring your own device): If you are in a regulated industry or not, you should have a BYOD policy. A document that should be used and signed in instances where patient information or prorietary company information is being accessed on personally owned devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops by employees. We would write a policy that can be used to manage those devices and ensure proper protections are put in place to safeguard your proprietary information.

Work from Home Policies: The goal of this policy is to provide a safe and functional work environment that will allow staff to work remotely. This, along with guidelines and tips for employees to assist you as you prepare to work from home in a safe, functional work environment, that is all secure to your network.

These are a few of the manuals we can create for your company along with consulting with your business on how to implement them, as well as, implement best practice IT standards in your business. To discuss having us customize these documents for your business or any IT issues your business may be experiencing, please contact us at ITsolutions@kimidatlantic.com