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Don’t Tear It Off Slowly — Tear It Off Fast. It Will Hurt Less.

Download our complimentary “Switching IT Providers” guide by clicking here. Remember this painful, childhood experience?  When your mother or father sat you down to rip off that old Band-Aid? Remember how it always seemed to stick more after it was on for a few days?  You screamed, “Stop! Take it off slow, not fast!” But, mom and dad knew that it would hurt less if they ripped it off quickly.  And, they were right. What’s the morale of this story—And what does it have to do with IT support? The same can be said about your computer support company.  Many are like that old Band-Aid, stuck to you like glue. We’ve seen many computer services companies trick small businesses like yours into buying their extra services like antivirus and security solutions, or even computers, laptops and servers.  But what they don’t tell you is that you don’t own any of these things.  It’s time to rip off that old computer support Band-Aid.  It’s stuck so tight that it may be hard to do.  Rip it off quickly versus agonizing over it too long—Switching computer service companies will only hurt for a bit. The good news is that Kyocera Intelligence makes switching from painful computer support relationships into pleasurable ones. Well, I could say it’s our people, processes and that we provide better service. I wouldn’t be lying—But really, this the same story your current IT guys told you during their slick sales process. Remember how well they treated you before you signed their agreement? Honestly, our people are simply amazing, we’re certified on the latest technologies and, yes, our processes make taking care of a new client like you painless. What makes us different from our competitors is you—Yes, YOU! We focus on YOU.  As your new computer services company, we’ll first ensure your company technology is looked after 24/7. We’ll rip off that old Band-Aid. Remember I said it would hurt for a bit?  It might, but, we’ll hold your hand through the process. Then, we’ll sit down with you to define your short and long-term goals, and come up with an IT strategy to help you accomplish them. If something doesn’t meet your requirements, we’ll make it right. And,  we’ll never sell you anything you don’t need. So, are you ready to rip off that dirty, old Band-Aid? Give us a call at (800) 875-8843 or send me an email at itsolutions@kimidatlantic.com. Let’s get together to see how we can painlessly remove that computer-support Band-Aid together.]]>