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So you’re looking for a Baltimore IT services company? Baltimore IT Support CompanyYou’ve probably got a lot of concerns in mind: how will I be protected from viruses and disasters? Will I be able to call after hours for support? Can I get help planning my future information technology purchases and upgrades? We understand – your technology is the foundation of your business. Don’t sign up too quick – there’s a few important questions you MUST ask! A lot of IT services companies make the same promises – along the lines of “we’re responsive, quick, and reliable” or “we’ll protect your business against ALL types of threats.” So how can you tell the great ones from the ones who simply overpromise? Here’s a few important questions to ask:
  1. Can I call you after hours or during emergencies and expect a quick response?
Imagine one of your servers suddenly crashes or your computer suddenly stops working: what do you do? It’s after 5 o’clock but you’d like to get the issue fixed so your staff members can get to work in the morning! Make sure your IT services company is able to respond after hours or during emergencies – talk about response times before signing up.
  1. Do you have any testimonials or case studies I can read? Can I talk to some of your existing clients?
Always visit an IT services company’s website before signing up – do they have testimonials or case studies for you to read? Ask if they’d be willing to let you call some of their existing clients! As you’re already aware, word-of-mouth is the greatest way to find reliable companies that are truly worth your time.
  1. How will you protect my IT systems and data from cyber attacks, human errors, and natural disasters?
You can’t afford to lose access to your IT systems and data for an entire day, or worse, a few days. Make sure the IT services company protects your IT systems and data from the inevitable. This means security services, such as anti-virus software, firewalls, and content filtering are necessary, as well as data backup/disaster recovery services.

There’s a lot of Baltimore IT services companies out there – but there’s one that’s widely known and trusted throughout the area.

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