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How Can You And Your Clients Benefit From Cloud Accounting?

CPAs and accounting firms are rapidly moving to Cloud Accounting because of its many benefits. Cloud Accounting is the evolution of business accounting services allowing more interaction with your clients. It will enable you to work smarter and faster, and you can collaborate more efficiently with your staff. For these reasons and others, cloud accounting is catching on.

How Can Your Clients Benefit From Cloud Accounting?

Whether you want continuous, easy access to your data 24/7 or you want to go paperless, Cloud Accounting’s advantages are different for every client. If you want to be a partner in your clients’ success, we can recommend the best use of Cloud Accounting for your business and guide you through the entire process.

Your clients will see:

  • Reduced facility requirements
  • Reduced requirements for the number of employees
  • Minimal equipment and IT costs
  • Paperless record storage
  • Paperless payroll
  • Reduced expenses
  • Faster identification of problems
  • Increased profitability

Cloud Accounting gives your clients easy access to the data they need to make smarter business decisions.

How Will Your Accounting Firm Benefit From Cloud Accounting?

  • You’ll now be able to expand your talent reach because your staff and principals will have more secure access to your clients’ financials.
  • You can reduce costs for your CPA business. Less space is required due to the remote access capability. The cost to rent commercial property continues to rise. Why have to constantly expand or move because you are growing? Cloud accounting allows you to grow without incurring a larger expense on your P&L.
  • You’ll experience better communication and collaboration with your clients, so you can provide them with better, more secure access to their financials. Cloud Accounting allows you to truly partner with your clients by using a real-time service. You’ll both have the productivity and efficiency you want, and your clients will value your services.

Are Your Clients Worried About Moving To The Cloud?

Your clients may be concerned about the security of their financial information in the Cloud. Here are 9 points to share with your them about Cloud Accounting:

1. Cloud Accounting Provides Better IT Security: Cloud Accounting provides better security than storing files on servers and hard drives. Their files will be encrypted and accessible only to authorized staff members.

2. No Worries About Stolen Or Lost Laptops: With Cloud Accounting, if your client were to lose a mobile device, their accounting information would still be completely secure in the Cloud. If this data was stored on the device, this could be disastrous. Cloud Accounting is much more secure.

3. Financials Will Be Backed Up Reliably: It’s essential to have viable backups. Computers and hard drives can get infected with viruses or fail at any time. Backups of their financials will be done automatically in the Cloud, so they can return to a previously saved point if necessary. They won’t have to remember to perform backups. They will be done for them.

4. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: With Cloud Accounting they can recover their files easily and quickly if there’s a disaster of sorts at their office. If their financial files are stored on-premise and their office floods, catches fire or is destroyed in a storm, their financial files will be stored in a secure data center and accessible from wherever they have a secure internet connection.

5. Cloud Accounting Saves Money: With Cloud Accounting, they won’t be required to pay upfront fees to license software. They can sign on for cloud accounting programs for a fixed fee, monthly per-user basis. This is a good solution for smaller businesses because it’s budget-friendly. Plus, your clients can designate Cloud Accounting as a business expense rather than a capital expense.

6. Work From Any Device or Location: Cloud Accounting gives them the flexibility of working from home, on a business trip, or even from their local coffee shop. With a secure internet connection and web-enabled device, their financials will be available whenever/wherever they need them.

7. Document Control & Collaboration: They will always have access to the latest files. With Cloud Accounting their financial files are stored in a central location so they always have access to the most up-to-date version. Document control is much easier with Cloud Accounting. Plus, collaboration on documents is simplified.

8. Cloud Accounting Is Scalable: Because they pay for Cloud Accounting on a per-user basis, your clients can add new employees to their plan, or delete users as needed. This provides the flexibility they need. No more wasted money on accounting solutions that “sit on the shelf.”

9. More Time To Focus On Business: Cloud Accounting streamlines procedures and improves efficiency. They’ll have more time to focus on growing their businesses.

To learn more about why Cloud Accounting is recommended for CPAs and their clients, schedule a free no-obligation demonstration to learn how it works. Contact the Cloud Experts at Kyocera Intelligence for your accounting firm in the Washington Baltimore Area.