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10 Easy Ways To Squeeze More Juice From Your Smartphone Battery

When is a smartphone not a smartphone? When it's also a data storage center, high-end camera, computer, calculator, weather station, message center, jukebox, and bookstore. It's difficult to imagine getting through the day without a smartphone, which makes running out of juice so much more distressing. If you feel as though you are perpetually looking for an outlet to charge your smartphone, you'r...

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10 Tips To Guard Against SamSam Ransomware

In July 2018, an article published by Naked Security stated that SamSam, one of the latest ransomware threats, has been one of the most costly and dangerous attacks in history. SamSam leeched at least $6 million from unwitting victims, some of which were well-known businesses and government operations. SamSam ended up costing the Colorado Department of Transportation upwards of $1.5 million a...

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GIVE 60! 60 Years With 60 Acts Of Giving Back

The Staff At Kyocera Intelligence Supports The Children's National Medical Center On December 16th, 2017, 4-year-old Preston Heather, son of our Kyocera Intelligence engineer Bill Heather, woke up with a stomach bug. The next 24 hours would reveal that it wasn't a stomach bug. The doctors weren't sure if he had pneumonia or if his left lung was collapsed. Preston was taken to Children's National ...

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