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UBER COMES CLEAN: 2016 Cyber Hack Impacted 57 Million Drivers and Users   

Uber made headlines this week when representatives came forward to disclose that the company had experienced a massive ransomware attack last year. Over a year ago, hackers stole the account information of 57 million drivers and riders and Uber kept the news under wraps ever since paying the $100,000 ransom. The ransom deal was struck under the direction of Uber’s Chief Security Officer, J...

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Pros and Cons of Microsoft SharePoint Workflow Platform

Looking to Get on Top of Workflow Management? Weighing the Pros and Cons of Microsoft’s SharePoint Workflow Platform Implementing a platform to streamline business operations is a crucial part of maintaining a competitive edge in a modern business environment. Centralizing business processes and optimizing the business network allows business owners to save time and money. Microsoft has lo...

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